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Palazzo Santa Rosa is not your average restaurant. Mistra Bay is not your average location. Here everything is in harmony with nature. Nature tolerates us and we are respectful and thankful to her. Palazzo Santa Rosa is an estate that used to belong to one of the first wine making families in Malta in the days when Malta used to export wine to Italy. The boats used to set sail from here to the southern coast of Sicily, offload the wine and return loaded with the best of Sicilian produce.

Now Palazzo Santa Rosa is the spiritual home of all gastronomes in Malta and visitors alike. With an extensive live wine list that changes practically from one week to the next and a cuisine that is inspired by the cucina povera - the basis of traditional Maltese Cuisine - Palazzo Santa Rosa is pretty much unique on the Maltese islands.

The surrounding hills of Mistra Valley provide the kitchen with a sprawling wild herb garden - wild thyme, fennel, rosemary, garlic, mint and much more. The estate grows the rest of the kitchen's requirements organically - tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin, cauliflower, green peppers, onions, wild asparagus, aubergines - all according to the season. Sometimes we cheat and use a greenhouse.

The Gastronomic Laboratory, otherwise known as the kitchen, transforms these into simple yet wonderful dishes. With ingredients this good, little needs to be done in the kitchen to produce wonderful food.

Since opening its doors back in late 2005, Palazzo Santa Rosa has become the most talked about restaurant in Malta. It is the only Maltese restaurant that has ever been reviewed by Michelin. It is also the most talked about restaurant on the island.

With its variety of extra virgin olive oils to savour, the famous breads produced in house, the fresh cheeses, sausages and meats, the kitchen takes you on a journey across the islands over a period of thousands of years.

The rendition of the Maltese cuisine is individual, unique and innovative. Maltese cheese with home made wild orange marmalade, wild rucola that will blow your socks off, olive oil that will leave you gasping for air, everything in this part of the world tastes stronger, better, richer.

This is not rocket science cuisine. You will not experience death by garnish, gelatine ravioli or frothy truffle cappuccinos here. You will though experience amazing ingredients prepared with the least human intervention as possible. This is honest cuisine with an individual interpretation and recreation of the Maltese Cuisine - the first fusion cuisine ever.

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